Cannabis Startup Incubators


Gateway offers its extensive venture capital network and entrepreneurial expertise to find and boost the most promising companies in the space. They are leveraging the lessons learned in Silicon Valley to grow the potential of the cannabis industry by creating a new breed of cannabis companies.

Canopy Boulder

Canopy Boulder aim to build outstanding, professional companies to help move the cannabis industry forward. They work with both adult-use and medicinally focused companies.

Greenhouse Ventures

Greenhouse ventures are an accelerator for ancillary and medical focused startups in the cannabis and industrial hemp industries. This accelerator is for companies further along on their growth path.

Leaf Forward

Leaf Forward is Canada’s first cannabis business accelerator. Leaf Forward helps early stage cannabis companies grow by providing mentorship, access to licensed space and connection to capital.


Short for Israel Cannabis, iCan sets itself a noble goal to make every person in the world have access to medical-grade cannabis. To make it come true, iCan is building a portfolio of diversified investments that includes R&D, clinical trials, pharmaceutical formulators, brand developers, distributors and technology & media platforms.


Heavily-funded cannabis US delivery app and marketplace Eaze announced the launch of Momentum in September 2019. Partnering up with Ultranative and Bail Capital, the program is aimed at cultivating the growth and success of underrepresented founders.



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